February 13th 2019: Kingdom of Heaven

I have five top films that may never change till the day I die.

  1. Interstellar
  2. Children of Men
  3. The Thing
  4. Control
  5. Kingdom of Heaven

A lot of people may question my love for the medieval epic, but even though it’s historically inaccurate, the lead actor is the weakest aspect of the film and the theatrical release is woefully inferior to the directors cut. I still love Kingdom of Heaven.

The crusades are brought to life beautifully by Ridley Scott, with some gorgeous cinematography on display here. The soundtrack is epic and feels drawn from a time of religious strife. The supporting actors are incredible. The individual moments that litter this film give me shivers. Whether it’s the leader of the Muslims, Saladin picking up a toppled crucifix and setting it right or a beloved side characters severed head ending up in a ghastly pile of other unlucky Christians. There is just so much to see here. It’s unfortunate Orlando Bloom was miscast, an older actor would have carried the film into masterpiece territory. Don’t listen to the history buffs, just give it a go.

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