February 11th 2019: Almost Famous

Almost Famous holds a very close place to my heart. It came along at a time in my youth when rockstars were Gods and what albums you listened to defined who you were. I’ll admit it was a short period, but an influential one. But most will agree that the Tiny Dancer ain’t along scene is where this movie completely nailed it, that sense of belonging transcended the screen and for a few moments you feel like you could be on that tour bus singing along to Elton John.

A young man embarks on a musical odyssey. Throwing himself headlong into the pitfalls of sex, drugs and betrayal. For what is essentially a coming of age story, there are so many poignant and genuinely touching scenes. Our young protagonist and Phillip Seymour Hoffman spilling their guts out on the phone, about the finer points of being young and uncool is perhaps the pinnacle of this film. Almost Famous is almost perfect.

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