February 10th 2019: 12 Angry Men

it was only recently I watched 12 Angry Men. A film so confined and steeped in sweat and unease I felt like I was stuck in that little back room with these 12 jurors, all with their own motivations and prejudices. I must say, this film impressed me. I was worried the one room setting and fifties era acting would put me off. But they stand as the films greatest strengths.

A boys life hangs in the balance and 11 men want to immediately send him to the electric chair. The 12th wants to talk it all through, and so for the next hour and a half we are privy to the men’s arguments, breakdowns and personal vendettas. The film is so well acted and filmed using such interesting techniques that not a moment was spent bored. If old movies isn’t your thing I would still recommend 12 Angry Men. It’s timeless.

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