February 9th 2019: The Worlds End

its a tough one being the third in a trilogy, especially one that follows two of the most iconic British films of all time. Even harder is the fact that this is the third in a trilogy that isn’t paying off two movies worth of build up, it’s its own contained film with a beginning, middle and weird end. So I think apart of me was never going to be happy with The Worlds End. However, I did enjoy most of this film. The third act getting a little out of hand, and not in a good way like its predecessors.

The film follows five friends, or past friends at the point we meet them in the story. Pegg plays the almost unbearable Gary King, a friend we all endure and eventually cut off. His comedic arrogance and tragedy tinged backstory hold up the latter half of the film as it descends into chaos, again not really in a good way. The Worlds End is worth a watch but no where near the heights of Shaun and Fuzz. With all this being said, it’s still miles ahead of the competition.

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