February 6th 2019: Batman Begins

You won’t hear me say this about any other Nolan film or any other Batman film for that matter. Batman Begins is alright. It did its job correctly and adequately. It rebooted a dead franchise and lead to far superior films and the dawn of the superhero movie being as dominant as it is today. It’s The Force Awakens but with originality.

Now don’t get me wrong I like this film, but in the same way I like donuts. They’re great, two thumbs up from me, but I’m not going to devote myself to them and deny the merits of any other sugary goods. Nolan feels a little restrained here, perhaps rightly so. The cast are solid and set a fine foundation for things to come, although Katie Holmes May be the miscast of the century. Begins does exactly what it says on the tin and it’s an essential watch to all fans of Nolan, Batman and origin tales.

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