February 5th 2019: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back is the sequel to end all sequels. It’s the best we were ever going to get, a little bit bigger and whole lot darker than the first. The Hoth battle perfectly incapsulates the war in Star Wars. A small band of plucky heroes struggling against a technologically and numerically superior foe. A losing battle for the rebels. Enter Yoda.

It’s a wonderful thing to watch a sequel that does everything better than its original. Empire, T2, Dark Knight and Aliens being the only ones that come to mind (Godfather 2 and The Two Towers are NOT better than their predecessors). Whilst not being my favourite in the series, that honour goes to Return of the Jedi (sacrilege), Empire has all the pieces and the pacing to make it one of the greats.

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