February 4th 2019: Inglorious Basterds

Inglorious Basterds is my favourite Tarantino film. I’m not afraid to say that. Pulp Fiction is great, but it’s the film you watch to get into better and lesser known movies. You don’t stick on Reservoir Dogs, it gets you interested in cinema you wouldn’t usually find yourself watching. But Tarantino made his masterpiece with this World War 2 reimagining.

Every scene containing the Jew Hunter, the basement bar scene, the Bear Jew, Lt Aldo Raine and his Basterds. It’s a story without a dull moment, it often feels like your spiralling further into this warped reality. A few minutes with Hitler here, a Nazi killing spree there, the tension ramps up but keeps you entertained along the whole bloody journey. It’s Tarantino at his best, roll on Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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