February 2nd 2019: Krull

Krull was one of a few movies my Grandparents owned. A fuzzy recording on an old VHS tape. It was a strange anomaly even back when I watched it as a child. Somewhere between sword and sorcery and cosmic sci fi. I was also aware of the films apparent shortcomings. It’s cheesiness and sometimes dated effects were glaring, but it’s charm lay in its earnest adventure, some practical effects and the dark undertones that flow throughout.

I still see with perfect clarity, watching the changeling murder the old man Seer. A truly dark scene for what seems like a kids movie. Krull is full of those surprising little moments. It’s no Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, but that innocent eighties campiness makes Krull well worth a watch, even today. Oh and look, Liam Neeson!

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