January 30th 2019: The Blair Witch Project

The Blair Witch Project is a strange one even by found footage standards. While not being the original film to use the low budget way of filming, it certainly kicked off the new wave of often bad pretenders to the found footage throne. It cost around $60k to make and made nearly $250 million at the box office. How could Hollywood not take note. All the genre conventions and money aside, this film terrified me as nine year old and still stands up today.

Most know the story without ever having seen it. Three filmmakers go into the woods and never come out. The whole film drips with dread and foreboding, always aware that something bad is going to happen to these people. The beauty in the film is that it’s all in your head. You hear some creepy sounds but you never see a Witch or anything for the matter. As a side note, anyone that enjoyed the film should get their hands on the Blair Witch documentary that comes with most versions of the DVD and blu ray, it’s just as creepy as the film.

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