January 29th 2019: 28 Days Later

Along with The Blair Witch Project, 28 Days Later was a film that horrified me as a kid. Perhaps it was the realistic tone, or the fact it’s set in my home country. Maybe it was the beginning of my unhealthy obsession with zombies, and yes we know the rage victims don’t really class as zombies, but the similarities are there. The film also set ablaze my love for Cillian Murphy and Danny Boyle, both talented artists I still follow with interest today.

The movies attempt at context in the opening scene was a welcome change from most other zombie stories that don’t really attempt to explain the virus turning people into homicidal maniacs. Jim’s awakening and subsequent confusion at a world left barren still is as haunting as ever. The world here feels real, the characters feel real, except Hannah who really could use some acting classes. This is why the film is still scary after the slew of zombie media that followed in the past two decades. I just wish Danny Boyle would pull his finger out and direct 28 Months later or even a prequel set during the carnage of the 28 days.

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