January 27th 2019: The Meg

The Meg plot can basically be explained with “you thought that shark was big! Take a look at this one”. For a film call The Meg, there doesn’t seem to be a definitive Meg in the movie, The Megs just doesn’t have the same oomph factor I suppose. But nitpicking in this film would hold you up until it’s inevitable sequel and beyond.

It’s a bit daft, illogical and often cartoonish but I enjoyed the silly ride none the less. While it does seem to be a beat for beat remake of Jaws, The Megs self awareness is its strength here. The other slew of goofy shark films do nothing for me, Sharknado and it’s ilk are just to brainless and far removed from my very real fear of sharks. The Meg doesn’t scare me but at least it made me laugh now and then, whether I’m laughing with it or at it remains to be seen.

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