January 26th 2019: There Will Be Blood

If you want to see some of the best acting and emotion so raw you can’t help but watch with awe, There will be Blood is the film to see. Religion and business come crashing together in this story of two men’s wills and their attempts to dominate the worlds they inhabit. Look no further than the baptism of Daniel, Eli’s oil baptism or the now infamous final milkshake scene.

Daniel Day Lewis is a genius when it comes to inhabiting a role, Daniel Plainview is most certainly his masterpiece. A man so racked by his competitive nature, he eventually burns his whole world down. The stark editing and strange soundtrack add to the films mystique. The cherry on top being Paul Danos fanatical turn as Eli, the boyish yet dangerous town preacher that sets his sights on a piece of Plainviews oil pie. This may be a slow burner, but the inferno it soon becomes will be well worth the price of admission.

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