January 24th 2019: A Matter of Life and Death

There are few films that came out pre sixties that I would really class as a favourite. But the sheer innocence and contemporary film making techniques that pop up in this wartime classic will make you fall for the characters and their weird and wonderful situations. David Niven in particular harkens back to a type of gentleman you really don’t see often anymore.

The visuals for its time are stupendous, the heavenly transition from black and white afterlife to technicolour real world is just as powerful as when the Wizard of Oz used it. So many people recommend the classics, Citizen Kane and Casablanca are fan favourites. But I couldn’t recommend an older film more, one that could capture modern audiences with its love is stronger than anything plotline along with a guardian angel Frenchman that lost his head a revolution or two ago. 

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