January 21st 2019: Batman Returns

Before The Dark Knight came along and changed everything. The dark, sexy and often grotesque Batman Returns stood as my all time favourite Batman film. The 1989 Batman was good, but I was never much of a prince fan. The Schumacher films were a farce and Nolan’s Begins and Rises were solid entries, but always played second fiddle to his middle entry. The Dark Knight changes everything, and that should never be understated. However Tim Burtons second instalment was always the most intriguing to me.

The penguin scared and disgusted me in equal measure. Catwoman did exactly what she did to every prepubescent boy. Batman was kind of just there because he needed to be. Yet it all came together in this grim fairytale, full of child abduction and penguin suicide bombers. It’s a far cry from the realistic tone of the later films, but it turns it into a strength. It will always be worth a watch, a superior sequel to its predecessor and a worthy comic book adaption.

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