January 20th 2019: Glass

I was horrified when I first began to see the scathing reviews trickle out coming up to this films release date. I watched Unbreakable back when it was released and was immediately floored by it, Split came along much later and pleasantly surprised me, something I thought Shyamalan no longer had the power to do. Having watched Glass I can honestly say that I loved it.

There are dips in logic and often you’ll question the rules that have been set out before you, the ending to may anger some. But if you loved the first two films I believe this is the end to the trilogy that You May have wanted. I needed questions answering but also a sense of mystery to linger. Glass did both, and did them well. Mcavoy is the stand out here, with Samuel L Jackson having some good moments. Bruce Willis is a little underused, but that’s coming from a big fan of Unbreakable. This film is certainly not for everyone, but it does what it sets out to do. Could Shyamalan dip into this universe that has been opened up in the future? I’d be onboard, but not everyone else would be.

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