January 19th 2019: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror has always been one of the few Netflix originals that don’t feel like a Netflix show, that tint Netflix shows all seem to have along with the inevitable three episode bloat that hangs around the middle of every series. I probably like it because it actually didn’t originate on Nerflix, that and Charlie Brooker is some kind of dark, wizard genius. I’ve been hearing everyone bang on about the choose your own adventure style and decided to schedule in some tense, uncomfortable viewing for my evening.

Bandersnatch follows the troubled Stefan, an obsessive up and coming game developer with a dark family history. I must admit, I did take some pleasure in telling poor Stefan Netflix was watching him, doing this not long after flinging him off a block of flats. But after a while the choices felt shallow and I wondered if I’d rather just watch a good old fashioned Black Mirror episode. Kudos for taking the choose your own adventure style root and doing something new. However I’ve played many an RPG and most gamers have experienced a Telltale adventure before, so this rendition of the genre isn’t blowing my mind. That being said, a few more years and some more effort and experience put into it, I’d be interested to see how the idea of choosing your own story may evolve.

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