January 17th 2019: The Favourite

It was with great pleasure I finally pulled my finger out and went to see a new film in cinema. Usually such visits are reserved for the big blockbusters, usually distributed by Disney. However after watching the wonderfully quirky trailer for The Favourite, I decided this was worth such a cinema visit. And what a wonderfully comedic, tense and weird film I got to experience. From the strange juxtaposition of modern and old fashioned, to the Colourful use of the C word. Two hours wizzed by fast in this strange little world.

Rachel Weisz as the strong yet controlling Sarah, faces up against the initially sweet Abigail played by Emma Stone. Both pushing and pulling at the sickly Queen Anne, played brilliantly by Olivia Coleman. Her ever worsening gout and temperamental mood make her an often sympathetic character, with the hard edge of a woman ruling in a mans world. The plot is essentially an ever escalating battle for the queens favour. Both women showing increasingly vicious methods, culminating in an ending that may perplex or even annoy, but the whole romp is just to much fun to get to upset about it.

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