January 16th 2019: Stand By Me

Treks through woods with my friends as a kid were owed to this film. Pooling pocket money to buy crisps and sweets and riding bikes through thick fields were what many defined as there childhoods. This was the film we emulated, the songs we sang and that wonderful sense of adventure that clings so close throughout the film sent us on our day long journeys during summer.

The crude yet pre pubescent humour captures childhood with a realism not many mainstream films have achieved. Yet the rose tinted glasses are firmly on for the adventure of these four boys. Train dodging, leeches, squabbling and the body of a dead boy are just some of the unforgettable moments . Yet the undertones of the tragedy of fallen innocence is firmly there, from Gordies brothers death to the closing bitter sweet moments of the film. It’s a coming of age tale every generation should watch.

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