January 14th 2019: Alien 

My Nan and Grandad owned around 20 VHS tapes. Jaws, Legend, Michael Collins and Alien were amongst them. I remember the fuzziness of the tape added to the degradation the film portrayed. I couldn’t of been six when I first watched it, seeing Aliens a few years later, solidifying my continued investment in this dark world. Alien Covenant may have been a step to far for the mystery of the series, but you can guarantee I’m investing an amount of money for that cinema ticket and blu ray. 

Alien was dark and grimy, smoke, shadow and milky residue all showed up to add to a very real yet nihilistic texfure. The inky black of the eponymous Alien slithers through what looks like the guts of a space ship. Sigourney Weaver plays Ellen Ripley absolutely perfectly, with equal parts strength and crippling vulnerability. Every time I watch this film I gain a new favourite scene. I do find the sequel far more enjoyable and just improved on the mythos in the most interesting ways, an opinion that is becoming less popular as time goes on. But most people return to the horror original far more than its more action orientated sequel. For good reason. 

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