January 12th 2019: Star Wars: A New Hope

It’s Star Wars everyone! Can we just take a moment to see how far it’s come. Every year before 1977 never had Star Wars, Alexander the Great controlled much of the known world but he never had Star Wars. Julius  Ceaser came, saw and conquered, but he never saw Star Wars. The Renaissance came and went as did many revolutions since, but they never had Star Wars. Generations now grow into the phenomenon and eat up the merchandise, new films, games, series and books. But we must never lose sight of it all, we must never take it for granted, this space opera that fans worship. The only way I do that is by watching A New Hope. Not it’s prequels or sequels, just the original. Star Wars in its purest form.

Most people’s favourite falls on Empire, while Return of the Jedi is my personal favourite. Although choosing a favourite Star Wars is like choosing a favourite sibling, even the prequels have a house in my heart. A New Hope as a film is just pure magic. The hero’s journey, the death of a mentor and the defeat of an enemy. Simplicity at its most streamlined, no plot twists or expectation. My love for this film can be summed up with the confrontation of Vader and Obi Wan. A sense of deep history that has built up over decades, unfolding between these two vastly different characters and we get to witness it. I feel lucky to have lived with Star Wars.

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