January 11th 2019: The Thing 

“Mac wants the flamethrower”

 Often I’ll be sitting on my couch watching T.V and my cat will emerge through the cat flap, saunter into the front room and look at me with a kind of intelligence. It’s then that John Carpenter’s The Thing comes screaming back to me. That terrfyng dread that clung to me the first time I watched it as a child. What if something had imitated my cat and it was just standing there, eyeing me up, waiting for its perfect moment to do that terrible vague copying that seems to involve slimy tentacles and slick, ominous ooze.

It’s a masterpiece ladies and gentlemen. It eclipses other classics such as Alien or Evil Dead. It stays with you longer in ways you didn’t know a film could. The movie you point to when making the case for practical effects over CGI. The all male cast emit paranoia with every sly look at one another, ever wondering who or what is amongst them. The isolation, anxiety and misjudgment carries over from Macready and his crew to the audience. Even rewatching it over 20 years on, I still find enjoyment in analyzing every characters mannerisms or ticks, wondering if it is there own? and even now after decades, I’m still not completely sure if Childs or Macready is the Thing in the end, and if I’m honest I never want to. 

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