January 10th 2019: Blade Runner 

Let’s get this all out the way. The film is absolutely stunning to behold, from its visuals to It’s soundscape. Moments of brilliance on the acting front and an influence so far reaching, both sci fi and film has never been the same since. It’s clear that Ridley Scotts masterpiece was ahead of its time. However, I feel I must step into the confession booth and share my sin. I don’t like this film.

I usually measure a films worth on how excited I am to sit down and view it with other people. Watching reactions to key scenes has always been a great pleasure of mine. But when it comes to this film, I always feel an immense sense of dread. Like I said, it’s a masterpiece of filmmaking, which is why I’ve felt I’ve had to endure it so often. The pace is glacial, the tone is dark to the point of unpleasantness and the overall weird vibe makes me cringe at times. While most of this is worth it for Roy Battys closing monologue, I can’t help but dislike this one. On a brighter note Blade Runer 2049 was my favourite film of 2017, so every cloud has a neon soaked lining. 

4 thoughts on “January 10th 2019: Blade Runner 

  1. When I first saw this film, years ago, I hated it. But I saw it again last year, and I quite liked it. I loved that it was an homage to film noir of the 1940s. However, it is slow, and it could have explored more issues, e.g. Was Decker a replicant?


    1. I agree on the nourish elements being some of its most interesting strengths. Ridley Scott has a a habit with forgetting themes and even characters that would have added to his films. Thank you for commenting!


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