January 9th 2019: Interstellar

Watching Interstellar on the biggest Imax in the world whilst living in Sydney was one of the best experiences of my life. So many of my favourite films have stuck with me because of the place and time in which I watched them. That’s why Christopher Nolans sprawling epic is my number 1 film of all time. It’s hard to keep this review concise as there is just so much to say. Conjoin 2001: A Space Oddyssey (make it fathomable) with Nolans masterful direction and you have an instant classic. 

The powerful acting that makes your heart ache at moments, creating characters that you need to succeed. Visuals that leave you in quiet awe and a soundtrack that can often surprise but will stir you to your very soul. Beautiful cinematography and editing that makes every second of the long running time  feel exceptional and important. Yes, I’m in love with this film, and if you can’t love your favourite film with ardent ferocity, then you haven’t found your movie yet. Nolan made his great masterpiece with this and because of it “In Nolan we trust”. 

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