January 8th 2019: Twilight 

So far I have reviewed generally great movies, but not all movies are good, some go bad, and the Twilight franchise went about as bad as you can get. I have watched countless reviews on the latter films, making it only to the first films sequel New Moon myself. I think after seeing the second installment I knew I was out. Most would lampoon the sparkly vampires or cartoon “Werewolves”, but it was the films self importance that always made me uncomfortable. This was a teen fiction book adaption about vampires and teen romance, the trailers would have you think you were about to bare witness to some kind of cinematic second coming.

The first is by no means a good movie, but I won’t harp on like it’s The Room. It’s just about competent in a teen fantasy/romance kind of way. Catherine Hardwicke directed some pretty interesting performances in Lords of Dogtown, yet a lot of the closer to reality teen angst seen there is entirely absent here. Yes Kristen Stewart is wooden, yes Robert Pattinson is just kind of there and yes the story is dull. The franchise went into shambolic territory, but the first one is just about watchable, if only to see a young Anna Kendricks wonderful awkwardness on display. 

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