January 7th 2019: Trainspotting 2 

Sequels, as it’s been well documented by now are usually nothing more than a disappointment. For every Dark Knight and Aliens there are a dozen rancid cash grabs that should have stayed away from public consumption. T2 (Scottish junkies not time travelling machines) is a strange beast. Being a follow up to a much loved cult like film that just so happened to break the big time, T2 seemed almost destined to disappoint. However, with Danny Boyle back in the directing chair and pretty much the entire cast returning, perhaps we had another great second chapter on our hands. 

The second installment holds a strange and some would say unfortunate place in cinema. Whilst being a good film, with hilarious and some truly poignant moments, it sits in the shadow of its predecessor. The whole film can be summed up in the mimicry of Its choose life monologue. Yes it mentions Facebook and all the pit falls of modern life, but It’s not as good as the original, purely because it’s really been done before. I loved revisiting the characters and bleak setting, but in twenty years time few will remember the antics of Its main players, but I bet everyone will still remember that feeling they had when watching Renton bomb it down an Edinburgh high street to the sound of Iggy Pop. Choose the original.

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