January 6th 2019: Trainspotting 

It was at to young an age when I first watched Trainspotting. Drugs, sex and a depiction of death that still stays with me today, Trainspotting has all the taboos a young man would find fascinating. Instead of becoming a heroin addict like the media would have you think, it was my addiction to film that Trainspotting gleefully fueled with its colourful characters, creative mise-en-scene and ground breaking direction from the always on form Danny Boyle. 

The opening monolouge, the toilet scene, Dianes age, sinking into the floor, baby on the ceiling, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop. Every scene felt fresh and important, taking the idea of British grittiness on film to a new level. Ewan McGregor remains one of my favourite actors to this day, the venom and cynical optimism with which he plays the troubled Renton will always capture a time in my youth where everything was going wrong, but what fun I had while I was there. 

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