January 4th 2019: La La Land

I must say, I am bias when it comes to this film. I saw it on a date with my partner back when we were first getting together. So having a time in my life where I could relate to movie stars like Emma Stone and The Gos is fine with me. It’s the film that finally convinced me I’m into musicals, previously believing Les Miserables and Moulin Rouge were mere anomalies.

This was a very hyped film when it came out. I remember people getting actually annoyed by it before ever seeing it. Which is a shame, because it has everything a good time at the cinema needs. Two leads with great chemistry, a soundtrack that demands its place on your spotify playlist and a sense of escapism that permeates through the beautiful montages and dream like sequences. Whether this will become the classic they touted it as remains to be seen. It is however a film that has its place in cinema and will always be the perfect date movie.

2 thoughts on “January 4th 2019: La La Land

  1. La La Land is one of my favourite movies! I don’t think I will ever understand why some people hate it. The music is amazing!
    (Also I love the idea of your blog and I look forward to reading about more films!)


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