January 3rd 2019: Drive

The soundtrack we haven’t been able to get out of our heads since 2011. I remember this film taking most people by storm, the “coolest” film of recent memory with a little romance/ultra-violence for seasoning. Although I do remember sitting my three older siblings down at the time. Excited to show them a “cool” film, for once they would look up to me and my superior film knowledge. Alas, three furrowed brows and three hanging jaws were all I was met with, they simply didn’t get the appeal. Ever since, I’ve questioned how related I can really be to them. But never the appeal of Drive. 

A heist gone wrong, a driver that can do anything behind the wheel, the sheen and dark underbelly of L.A, a family caught up in the middle. Oh and did I mention the soundtrack. This however is not the fast and the furious, it’s a slow and often methodical outing. One minute we are watching two people stare longingly at one another for what seems like an eternity, the next Ryan Gosling (with his strong silent type hat on) takes a hammer to a small time crook in front of a dozen half dressed women. It’s still Nicolas Winding Refns best work and well worth the slower scenes to soak up everything Drive has to offer. 


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