January 2nd 2019: Control

The biopic that oozes both the mysterious cool that has attached itself to Joy Division and the cold hopelessness that has also become synonymous with their music. Directed by Anton Corbijn and starring Sam Riley as the late troubled “rockstar” Ian Curtis. Shot entirely in black and white, a decision that seems to echo Corbijns actual shots he took of the real life band, also in stark black and white. It’s a film that seems to know its strengths, it’s about the small moments and gestures, this isn’t a biopic that hinges on huge venues and armies of fans. Joy Division barely have two mainstream hits to rub together, but It’s in the emotions of It’s lead characters and the doomed road they seem to be walking down.

It’s the story of Ian Curtis, a young lad who joins a band early on, they get popular and begin to demand more and more energy from the front man. Running parallel is the story of Ians marriage, one that begins and spectacularly ends within the running time. The small film contains some of the coolest moments in British cinema, but hinges on some of its darkest too. With a soundtrack that feels more urgent than most other films of this category. Control is one of those films you just have to experience for yourself. 

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